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Greetings and Welcome to Shadowess Studios!!!

Last Update: 00/11/17
Page Created: 00/10/30

Welcome to the Studio...This is the place that you will be able to find Anime music video's
(click here if you are unsure what an anime music video is)

Webmistress Note:

The Next Anime Music Video will be:
Unknown at this time...but something with either Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z
Do you want to make music video's? Well first off let me tell you that it's a long, hard and frustrating process. And a lot of people out there who author music video's don't seen to like to help beginners out. And if they do they have a page that suggests using certain programs like Adobe Premire and the like which cost lots of $$$ (Adobe Premier is around $600) So after weeks of downloading and testing and scraping programs I have found a way to make music video's without having to pay big bucks for the fancy programs...
I will be creating a Tutorial about how to make a music video when I have a whole day to spend working on it.(coming soon!)
I am just a beginner of making music video's (so far I have made only 2) but I would have made more but the process of making a music video takes a few days (or one solid day of computer use) but more are to come.


In order to download my music video's you have to get a membership at But have no fear, cuz you get 25megs or 300megs of space to store stuff, so it's good all around!
When you sign up PLEASE enter my referrer's id# it's --> U00499D2A <--
ALSO: the share folder password is --> rk <-- easy no? there you can download any of my Rurouni Kenshin AMV's
Now on to the AMV(Anime Music Video's)

Music Video's

Anime Theme Song Artist Format Quality Size Download
Rurouni Kenshin OVA Kenshin as the Battou-sai Sick of it All Finger Eleven Mpeg (zipped) Good, some cracking in the Music 30.8 Mb Download Now!
Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin's Battles Freak on a Leash Korn Mpeg (zipped) Good, some cracking in the music and first 30sec is off, and image isn't as clear as avi version 38.7 Mb Download Now!
Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin's Battles Freak on a Leash Korn AVI (zipped) Excellent 122.6 Mb Download Now!

Last Updates: 00/11/17
-Finally finished my RK AMV, to Freak on a leash...
-Have a sample of my RK AMV Freak on a Leash on the
What is an AMV page

-finally got up my sample video on the What is an AMV page

All music video's are unique creations of Shadowess. and are not to be redistributed without permission. Music and anime video's are the property of their respective owners as well as the software I used to create my AMV's